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Tanes' Vision, Mission and Values 2019-2023


The objective of the Council for Gender Equality (Tane) is an equal Finland and world, where all people have the same rights and opportunities regardless of their gender identity, gender expression and gender. This means that without violating the rights of others, every person has the opportunity to be himself or herself without the fear of being discriminated against. 

People will understand the impacts of gender in everyday life and the structures of society


Tane is a solution-oriented pioneer in gender equality work and a societal influencer that brings together representatives from different actors and is involved in changes in society and what is current. Tane’s task is to highlights structures that maintain gender inequality and to actively work to eliminate these as well as to initiate discussions and be a trendsetter in equality matters. Tane works to find political and social solutions for achieving an equal society, dismantling stereotypical gender norms, improving the status of women and promoting women's rights both on a national and international level.



Tane initiates bold and open-minded discussions on equality issues and offers constructive and progressive solutions to challenges concerning gender equality.


Tane is a well-known equality actor whose positions and activities are based on research. Tane brings together equality actors, engages in multidisciplinary cooperation and produces independent expert material and statements to support the work.


Gender equality is a fundamental right and a human right. No person may be subjected to discrimination on the basis of their gender identity, gender expression, or gender. The realisation of gender equality is one of the characteristics of a fair society.
Equality and non-discrimination

Tane handles all equality issues, people, groups of people and actors equally in its activities, communications and policies.