Composition of the Council for Gender Equality

The Government appoints the Council for Gender Equality (Tane) for the duration of a parliamentary term. Therefore, the council will operate until a new council has been appointed. 

MP Karoliina Partanen (National Coalition Party) was appointed chair and Pia Sundell (Swedish People’s Party of Finland) as deputy chair of the council, which started its term on 19 October 2023.

The council, which takes into account the Finnish Parliament's power relations, consists of members appointed by the parties. 

Tane's composition 

Chair: Karoliina Partanen, National Coalition Party

Vice chair: Pia Sundell, Swedish People’s Party of Finland

Members (Substitute member):

  • Jenni Vartiainen (Pihla Keto-Huovinen), National Coalition Party
  • Konsta Nupponen (Henri Kontkin), National Coalition Party
  • Ukko Bamberg (Minna Partanen), The Finns Party
  • Kaisa Garedew (Jessica Vahtera), The Finns Party
  • Vesa Suvanto (Eetu Pernu), The Finns Party
  • Pia Hiltunen (Lauri Muranen), The Finnish Social Democratic Party
  • Tuomas Kurttila (Vertti Kiukas), The Finnish Social Democratic Party
  • Emmi Lintonen (Maria-Riitta Mällinen), The Finnish Social Democratic Party
  • Lauri Nikula (Päivi Mononen-Mikkilä), Centre Party of Finland
  • Fatim Diarra (Jussi Junni), Green League
  • Timo Furuholm (Milla Pyykkönen), The Left Alliance

Permanent experts

  • The Central Association for Men´s Organizations in Finland: Kimmo Runonen (Ahti Hurmalainen)
  • The National Council of Women of Finland: Sonja Raunio (Anniina Vainio)
  • The Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations NYTKIS: Silla Kakkola (Mira Karjalainen)
  • Seta – LGBTI Rights in Finland: Pekka Rantala (Kerttu Tarjamo)

Updated 25.3.2024