Working groups and projects

Where necessary, the Council for Gender Equality can appoint working groups. The working groups’ task may for example be to monitor a certain legislative reform or to prepare Tane's campaigning.

In addition, Tane coordinates the Making an Impact with Equality Acts (2020-2022) project with the National Council of Women of Finland and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Gender Equality in Education study package. 

Elections working group

During elections Tane often establishes a working group with tasks related to the preparation of the council’s election campaign. 

Social security reform working group

The working group established in June 2020 will monitor the social security reform launched in 2020 from the perspective of gender equality. 

Making an Impact with Equality Acts project 

The National Council of Women in Finland and Tane’s Making an Impact with Equality Acts project implement initiatives, campaigns and events together with partners, where work to promote equality is highlighted. Actors will also be encouraged to perform acts promoting equality.

The work will be monitored by a high-level forum chaired by Finland's former President, Tarja Halonen. The project receives funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is also supported by various partners.

During 2020-2022, the project will focus in particular on three key themes related to gender equality: 

  • Women's leadership
  • Equality in the media
  • Women and technology

Making an Impact with Equality Acts

Equality in Education website

Equality in education is an information package that brings a gender perspective to the teaching at schools and day-care centres. The site is intended for those working in schools and day-care centres, but it can also be used by students, parents and others interested in the topic. The website contains material in two languages, Finnish and Swedish.

The Council for Gender Equality owns the rights to the materials. 

Equality in Education