TANE's vision, mission and values 2016-2019


The vision is for Finland and the rest of the world to recognise the significance of gender in everyday life and in societal structures – including an acknowledgement of the diversity of individuals and genders – and the achievement of true gender equality.


TANE is an important political advocate for and promoter of gender equality in all areas of society. The task of the Council is to identify structures and practices that perpetuate inequality and work actively to eliminate them, in order to achieve true gender equality, improve the status of women and dismantle stereotypical gender norms.


Gender equality
All individuals must be able to live and realize themselves without gender-based obstacles. TANE’s aim is to create a society where gender diversity is acknowledged. Societal rights, obligations, tasks and supports must be the same for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity or gender expression. Fully realized gender equality promotes positive development in society as a whole.

Gender equality is a fundamental right and a human right. No one should be discriminated against on the basis of gender. The realisation of gender equality is one of the hallmarks of a just society.

The Council’s work is driven by extensive networks of experts, multidisciplinary cooperation, and the utilisation of gender studies and other relevant research.

Leading the way
TANE is a fearless frontrunner in gender equality and leads by undertaking bold and innovative initiatives, understanding the changes taking place in society, and engaging its diverse network of stakeholders.